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Best Tips for Beautiful Autumn Photography

Autumn is the perfect time of year for taking images of beautiful colors, cozy moments, and breathtaking sceneries.

It’s also the perfect season to get into creative autumn photography to improve your skills and impress your viewers.

We collected tips for you to improve your autumn images. Take a look, and try building them into your photography.

Focus on Thrown Leaves to Create Exciting Compositions

People throwing leaves in the air are a classic action shot in autumn photography. But this idea is so popular that it might make your photos look like any other autumn portrait.

To avoid this, experiment with a different focal point to make them look less boring. For example, the subject in your portrait doesn’t always have to be in focus.

For something a little abstract, set your aperture to any small number like f/1.8. Then pull your focus away from the person as they throw leaves in the air. Focus on a couple of leaves instead and turn your subject into a blurry outline.

You can also experiment with freelancing. Or use a Lensbaby to create an intense blur in specific parts of your photos.

Paint Leaves to Add More Intense Colours

Another way to breathe life into autumn photography is to paint your leaves with eco-friendly paint. You can intensify the colors if they’re dull. Or paint them a completely different color for a surreal effect.

You can also use painted leaves as backgrounds, foregrounds, or simple props that people can hold.

This is a perfect activity for family photography, especially if small children are involved. You can distract them with eco paint. And you can take candid photos of them at the same time.

Painted leaves are not only great as props but as the sole subject of your photos too. You can capture magnificent patterns and textures in these photographs.

Use Monochromatic Colour Palettes for Eye-Catching Photos

Some of the most beautiful autumn photos feature subjects that seem to blend in with their surroundings.

This monochromatic look isn’t typically desirable in other photography genres. But it’s a winner in autumn photography.

Before a photoshoot for portrait photography, ask your model to wear an outfit with red, orange, or yellow tones. Then match them with the appropriately colored background. You can scout out some monochromatic autumn scenes beforehand.

You can also do this with leaves. Focusing on a specific colored leaf, while the background has more autumn leaves of the same color, will make the same blending effect.