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5 Street Photography Project Ideas

Being a street photographer is quite an exhaustive experience when you are not on top of your game. Even the seasoned professionals feel this way during their long and successful careers. The best way to cope up with that pressure is to narrow down your vision to only certain things.

How to Start a Project?

There is no hard and fast rule for starting a project. For beginners, you can do two types of projects. You can select a specific story for your project. You can combine multiple images that collectively tell a complete story.

Covering a specific story is too demanding sometimes. Alternatively, you can just select a single design or compositional element for your project. Shooting all your photographs on that same principle will not only much simpler, but it will evolve you aesthetically as a photographer. You can still get beautiful and soulful individual images out of these types of projects.

1. Story

As I mentioned above, you can tell a story with a set of individual images that collectively tell a story in no specific order or you can present your images in a specific order.

If you are telling a story sequentially than 5 or 7 images is a sweet spot. Anything more than that will be difficult for a viewer to keep track of what’s happening. For example, for a 5 images story, give a beginning statement in the first photograph, some action in next three and a conclusion in the last photograph.

If your story is not action-based and it’s more conceptual, make a collection of 10-15 images in no particular order, but all should tell a similar or different angle of the same story. Consistency is key.

2. Motion Blur

Firstly, your photograph should be mostly tacked sharp and only certain elements should be blurred so it gives the idea that it’s an intentional blur and not a camera shake. Secondly, the moving elements should still retain enough of their details to know what or who they are?

3. Environmental Portraits

We all love portraits, but making an environmental portrait is difficult and challenging. Try to balance between subjects versus environment. The center of attention should still be your subject, but with enough environmental context that tells further about your subject and its life.

4. Light and Shadows

This project is purely artistic in nature. You need to look for interesting lights and shadow patterns in various parts of streets and alleys. Take a casual walk and look for shadows. Their length, direction and nature will vary throughout the day. So visit the same place several times and observe people while they are moving and other stuff hanging around. Look how light is filtered through various obstacles to create unique patterns.

5. Street Portraiture

This project is my favorite. It’s easy. It’s rewarding. It’s fun. All you have to do is to look around for interesting faces. People who are really expressive. With great smiles, interesting emotions or having fun.

Even people who are shy and hiding emotions also brings a level of mystery to your photographs. Challenge yourself by asking tough guys. You know your camera settings well, all you have to do is to ask for permission and bang.